Monday, May 18, 2015

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain.

Spain, Austin, Lake Titicaca's Pre-Incan Ruins...  With all the rain I've seen in the last two weeks, I'm not so sure where I am anymore.  According to my vicious weather app, the storms are not going to let up within the (maximum viewable) 10-day forecast.

I actually enjoy the storms.  I have fond memories of watching the lightning, always fascinated by the streaking patterns of jagged lines.  The most beautiful lightning storm I've ever witnessed was when I was driving alone through the Painted Desert in Arizona.  The lightning spidered out, covering the entire sky like a web, highlighting the clouds and making them purple and gray.

This is the inspiration for this week's cache- the lightning, rain, clouds, and inevitable rainbow.  Enjoy the full collection here.  Meanwhile, here are my three favorite pieces.

I cannot get over this Lightning Bolt Leotard by LenaQuistDesign.  I adore all the pieces I found for this collection, but this piece is literally STRIKING!  

My love for David Bowie is borderline absurd.  This baby bodysuit by trulysanctuary gives me hope for future generations of glam rockers.

SugarPlumRobots makes super cute pop culture buttons like these of the lightning-fast Flash.  They come in a variety of back styles just to make sure they'll fit on everything.

Enjoy, and stay dry!

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